Our Services

You want a winning campaign and we want your business for today and for the next campaign. BAMAPhones can provide text messages, live phone call or automated calls. We can make outbound calls or provide inbound call facilities in any language or dialect you prefer (southern, yankee or accent neutral). We can tell your callers an important message, ask them questions and get their answers and we can even patch them through to the personwho needs to hear their opinion directly. We can also record those calls and messages for archival purposes or later delivery.

BAMAPhones is the leader in technology for Alabama's political communications. We don't negotiate quality, only price. Click here for more information on BAMAPhones or here for a quote.

Electronic Messaging Campaigns
We are the only Alabama provider of SMS text message and cell phone campaigns. We understand the technology and the requirements surrounding these campaigns. We will work with your organization to implement a cutting edge campaign from the home phone to the iPhone. Contact us to discuss more today.
  • SMS Text message campaigns (inbound and outbound) email message campaigns (inbound and outbound)
  • Automated text message response systems
  • Lead & voter generation campaigns iphone application programming
  • All media message broadcast - combining SMS text, email and voice for automated delivery
  • Website integration for subscription
  • Push messaging to deliver GOTV or advocacy messages
  • Event reminders and immediate response request

Our phone services include:
  • GOTV - Get Out The Vote campaigns
  • Advocacy calls
  • Voter registration
  • Vote by mail
  • Early voting campaigns
  • Absentee ballot campaigns
  • Event notification
  • Voter ID polls
  • Persuasion messaging
  • Candidate or issue endorsement
  • Campaign fundraising
  • Grassroots advocacy
  • Issue identification
  • Volunteer notification
  • Rally notification
  • Public opinion polls
  • Automated interactive response (IVR) calls
  • Call transfer technology
List & Data Development Services
We can help you generate just the right list for your political
communication needs.

We have vendors who can provide list which include:
  • All Alabama voters
  • Alabama voters by elections
  • Alabama voters by party
  • Alabama voters by ethnicity
  • Alabama voters by likeliness to vote
  • Alabama voters by polling trends
  • Alabama voters by issues
  • Alabama voters by previous candidate identification
  • Alabama voters by ideology
  • Alabama voters by districts & geographic regions
  • Christian issue voters
  • Business issue voters
  • Gambling issue voters
  • Many other custom list available - just ask!

Automated Call Services (robocalls):

  • Largest robocall volume vendor in Alabama
  • Call systems capable of deploying more than 30,000 calls per minute
  • Outbound or inbound message services single or multi message play,
    polling and interactive call
  • GOTV, advocacy or message testing
  • Fundraising, grass root lead generation
  • Interactive surveys or patch through services available
  • Multi question message, option or survey calls
  • Keypad (press 1 or 2) or voice recognition responses
  • Full service programming
  • Internet based client management system to launch and manage calls
  • Caller ID programming available
  • Voluntary do not call (DNC) filtering
  • Custom do not call list
  • Recording and monitoring of calls available

Live Operator Call Services:

  • Alabama, or neutral accent upon request
  • Republican or Democrat type operators upon request
  • Outbound & inbound calls
  • GOTV, advocacy, single message delivery
  • Surveys, polling, issue research, message testing
  • Voter ID, approval rating, automated response
  • Fundraising, grass root lead generation
  • Absentee ballot fulfillment service
  • Patch-through service to direct caller to officials or candidates
  • Recording & monitoring of calls available
  • Caller ID programming available
  • Voluntary do not call (DNC) filtering
  • Custom do not call list
  • 800 Number for return inbound calling
  • Hispanic, European and Asian Languages Available